1996 I moved to Line Harsheim and her family in Norway.
1997 we moved to France and 1999 to Belgium.
In 2000 my family decided to move to  Shanghai (Asia), but I said stop...
I loved my home in Antverpen and I didnt want to move more.
I found a lovely family that took care of me, so I decided to stay there.
Here are some pictures of me.

Me in Paris 1998

Me in Antverpen 1999

Summer and winther in Antwerpen


S*Rockringen's Cyndi Lauper


NFO d 09 22

Born 1995-11-25


Father:CH S*Tauron's Rudolf Rotnase
Mother: IC Sassa, DM


Not shown

Owner: family Roels-Polfliet, Belgium

Still living in Norway 

Cyndi Lauper